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Notes:  This form may be used to send us your credit card details on line through a secure server. Your payment will be processed manually, generally within 24 hours. You will then receive an email confirmation of the payment, a payment receipt and confirmation invoice. A trip information package will be sent by post or by email. Deposits, up to 10%, incur no handling charges. Full or balance payments incur the following credit card handling charges:

  • UK Visa debit or UK Maestro: no handling charge
  • Amex 2.25% handling charge
  • All other cards 2% handling charge

Payments are best made having already discussed your requirements with us. If you wish to make a booking without prior email correspondence then if your chosen trip is not available you will receive notification and no payment will be deducted from your card. Before making any payment ensure you have read the Booking Conditions. Whatever currency you pay in will be converted to Sterling Pounds. You may estimate how much you will be charged in Sterling Pounds using the Currency Converter.

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